MOTUS T Grip (Lift Handle) "XTREME Certified"

MOTUS Lift Grips...perfect for Wood or Carbon Fiber Handles... We tested them and they passed...Light Weight, No Sharp Edges or Corners, Rust Free, and Rock Solid... Check out the video of us testing out these new MOTUS lift handles:

Price : $18.95 + Free Shipping USA

XTREME Custom Textured Grips

Custom made for XTREME Scoops,...New Textured Hi-Viability Replacement Grips...These new grips have a rubber textured finish feel...offering an excellent non-slip handle finish. These custom made grips are a perfect fit for both our Carbon and Ash handles...

Price : $8.95 + Free Shipping USA

XTREME-TRIDENT and NEPTUNE Carbon OEM Replacement Grips

OEM Carbon Fiber Replacement Grips... These are the original replacement grips for the XTREME TRIDENT and the Anderson Neptune Carbon Fiber Handles.

Price : $8.95 + Free Shipping USA

XTREME Scoops Beach and Water Finds Bag

XTREME Beach and Water Finds Pouch. Heavy Duty constructions with the adjustable belt to accommodate up to 50" waists. 2 Separate Compartments and a built-in D-Ring for rings or keys. The bottom of bag has a mesh bottom to allow water and sand to drain away from your finds. XTREME Durability 10" Wide 11" Deep 1 1/2" web belt

Price : $30.00 + Free Shipping USA

XTREME Scoop Handle Extraction Rod

No more beating up your drive sockets...we have a tool designed specifically for extracting handles... The round head at the bottom of the extractor tool helps protects carbon fiber handles with threaded inserts... If you are upgrading your current wood handle regardless of brand, this is a time-saving tool... This extraction tool will work for most scoops, although a few scoop brands do not have an extraction port - a hole in the bottom of the tube handle... Let us know what you think... Check out the video on their use:

Price : $21.95 + Free Shipping USA

XTREME Scoops Complete Hardware Replacement Kit

316 Stainless Steel Carbon Fiber Handle Replacement Hardware... 3/16" Allen Wrench, Handle Bolt, Bottom Tube Bolt - Bolt Washer

Price : $5.00 + Free Shipping USA


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